We Pledge to Vote Against Every Republican until Donald Trump is Defeated
Donald Trump is a profound threat to the American people and the entire world.

His first priority is to repeal Obamacare and take away health care from 20 million poor and working Americans. Then he wants to take Social Security and Medicare away from millions of retirees.

Trump's Labor Secretary wants to eliminate the minimum wage. His EPA administrator denies global warming. His Secretary of State wants to join Vladmir Putin in massive oil drilling in the Arctic as the ice disappears. His Budget Director wants to default on our national debt. His top advisor is a white supremacist and his Attorney General wants to stop blacks from voting. His Supreme Court nominees will outlaw all abortions and send women to jail.

Unfortunately there is no way to persuade Trump to change his mind on any of these issues. And we cannot defeat him until the election of 2020.

So the only way to stop Trump from harming America and the world is to build a massive nationwide army of voters who will defeat every Republican politician who supports Trump.

 I therefore pledge to vote against every Republican until we defeat Donald Trump in 2020.